What is a “Synergy Hub”?

  • A place for exploring, demonstrating, experiencing and living in synergistic co-creation, a new lifestyle based on the concepts of synergy and co-creation.
  • A physical environment where synergy is facilitated, amplified, co-created, through an innovative ‘whole-systems’ platform.
  • A physical space to unite and bring together world-changing organisations and movements, enabling a radically high impact movement of movements.
  • The next step beyond co-working hubs and lifestyle

Our Vision: a global network of Synergy Hubs, enabling a new lifestyle.

Our Mission: implement a financially sustainable Synergy Hubs all around the world using our social architecture based on whole-systems thinking, sustainability and revolutionary new technologies.

Our Team: we have a core team linked to a large global network of change-agents, professionals, organisations and grassroots movements.

Our Partners: United EarthLaw of TimeSchool of Social Alchemy.



Producing the necessary infrastructure to enable a fully functioning Synergy Hub and Synergy Hub Network (continue to develop the whole-systems platform).

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collaborative working (co-working) and living networks (co-living) to enable financial sustainability for each hub.  Public integral education program, workshops and events, providing public engagement.

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Synergistic Lifestyle

We want people to thrive on co-creative energy.. transition projects and new technologies will be the focal point .. along with self exploration and celebration of life.

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Start a synergy hub with us...

Join us as a co-creator in the network, If you have a location that could be used for a new hub, we would love to hear from you...